What are the future prospects after you study medicine in Ukraine?

What are the future prospects after you study medicine in Ukraine?

October 21,2021

One of the most asked questions we receive as one of the leading abroad study consultants in Kerala is - what are the future prospects after we (The student) study medicine in Ukraine?

Ukraine is known for its quality education, full-fledged infrastructure, exposure, experienced professors and warm and welcoming hospitality. It is one of the finest locations to study MBBS abroadThe universities and the certifications here are globally recognised. Ukraine is home to many top universities that has decade’s long experience in training students. The country is a popular destination among MBBS aspirants from India. Many students have successfully completed medicine in Ukraine and have started to practise in top medical institutes in Ukraine, India and several other countries around the globe.

So what are the future prospects for students who have completed medicine from Ukraine?

The opportunities that lie ahead after completing medicine in Ukraine are many. You can either choose to study more or start your career. There lie many career options out of which the student can choose the best one that fits them. After completing medicine in Ukraine, you can stay back in the country for your PG. 

A student who has completed their MBBS from Ukraine has the scope to study PG from most of the countries. If he/she wishes to practise here, they can do it by clearing the MCI (FMGE) screening examination. He/she also has the option to pursue his PG in India.

If you would like to pursue your PG or practice in the US, you can do it by clearing the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination). USMLE is a qualifying examination conducted by the Federation of State Medical Boards and the National Board of Medical Examiners jointly in the US. The USMLE is a 3 step examination that tests the student’s abilities. The candidates need to qualify for this exam for getting the license to practice here.

The student also has the option to practice in the United Kingdom too. He/she needs to clear the PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Association Board) examination to start practising there. The PLAB examinations are conducted by the British Council. This examination does not test your ability to remember facts but your ability to take care of the patient and their needs.

Ukraine is undoubtedly one of the finest destinations to study medicine. It helps the students to chase their dreams in an affordable manner. We have been helping students to choose the best abroad university for MBBS and most of our options lies in Ukraine.

There is a lot to learn and experience in a foreign location, away from the places that you have grown up in. To know how you can begin your career in Ukraine talk to our experts today itself!