Why do we recommend students to study medicine in Ukraine?

Why do we recommend students to study medicine in Ukraine?

August 16,2021

If you are a student who is highly motivated by the dream of a career as a doctor, you should definitely give this blog a read. We will tell you why medicine in Ukraine is the best choice.

What do you want to become when you grow up?

I want to become a doctor is an answer that can be many and after completing their school education, what next? Students become curious and confused while choosing their career path after their schooling. They find it difficult to land on a decision by themselves, the pressure from their peers and the family at times seems to be the main reason for them choosing a course to study. So if you are a student who wishes to pursue medicine as your career, we are here to help you. Once you have finalised the decision of becoming a doctor, the next step is to finalise where, when and how?

As the Top education consultants in Kerala, we recommend the students study MBBS abroad and particularly in Ukraine. Our experience of more than a decade as abroad studies consultants has led us to the conclusion that Ukraine is the best place to pursue your career in medicine.

So why do we recommend students to study medicine in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a country located in Europe and has many natural and manmade creations for the students to explore. The climate is not that harsh and we can easily adjust to it. The culture and the cuisine are also warm and delicious!

~ Ukraine is always described as the educational hub of Europe. All the major universities and colleges of Europe are situated in Ukraine. The famous medical institutions that impart medicinal knowledge are all situated here.

~ Ukraine has a list of universities that is recognised by the National Medical Commission (NMC). As one of the leading abroad study consultants we only let our students into a university that is affiliated and recognised by the NMC.

~ The medical universities in Ukraine provides students with quality education. Everything that requires practical training is provided with one. Students that study medicine in Ukraine get better exposure to the practical sessions. One learns and understands better while doing work! The policy here is simple, learn by doing the work.

~ Yet another advantage of studying medicine here is the fact that the number of students in a class is limited to 20. Yes, you read that right. The classes for MBBS has only a maximum of 20 students that ensures that each one gets individual attention.

~ You might think that all of these perks is going to cost you a fortune to study medicine in Ukraine, but it’s totally wrong. The cost of living and education is the lowest in Ukraine in comparison with any other country in Europe or even India. We at Aspire help our students to correctly prepare a financial plan that will help them to cut out the unnecessary cost.

~ Another attraction to study abroad in Ukraine is the fact that you don’t need to clear IELTS/TOEFL. This is a stress relief for many students who spent thousands of rupees on the IELTS/TOEFL coaching classes.

Studying abroad has many other benefits too. It makes you independent and helps you to grow and learn new things. Each country has its own culture, food and people and studying abroad is a great opportunity to get a taste of all these. Studying abroad will help you broaden your perspectives and expand your connections with new people from different backgrounds. Opportunities are also high in Ukraine. You will be equipped with not only skills and knowledge but also a job that will help you fetch a good amount of remuneration for a happy life ahead. So if you are still confused about what to do next and how - reach out to us.